Debate Resources

For more information on the debate formats for CLAREMONT SUMMER, as well as topic-based debating for competitive tournaments, classes, academic conferences, and public events. Online Resources HSPDP, Leadership/Professional Communication – MSPDP –, (middle school page on this site) Textbooks Speak Up! Debate and Public Speaking in High School (HSPDP) (includes middle school information), John Meany andContinue reading “Debate Resources”

High School Leadership Academic Conference – Topic

Students attending the High School Leadership/Professional Communication session will participate in an academic conference, featuring competitive awards in several categories. The topic for this summer’s conference is US Electoral Reform. Students will research and submit a 5-page paper on the topic. Guidelines for the paper will be emailed to each registered student beginning June 1.

Summer Tournament Registration

Students attending the Claremont Summer middle school and high school debate sessions are eligible to participate in an online summer debate tournament. There is no registration fee for the events. In addition to the championship tournaments held during the SuperSessions, there is an online tournament for middle school students and another for high school students.Continue reading “Summer Tournament Registration”

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule is basically the same for all programs, with the exception of High School Leadership/Professional Communication. The core schedule is listed for all programs and that is followed by the High School Leadership/Professional Communication schedule. DAILY SCHEDULE FOR ALL PROGRAMS (except High School Leadership)All programming is synchronous Day 19:00-9:30 AM Registration – ZoomContinue reading “Daily Schedule”

The 2021 Sessions Schedule

Schedule dates for Summer 2021 sessions. Please go to the ‘Daily Schedule’ post for an explanation of the schedule for each day of your program. Each summer session involves daily lectures and small group practica, homework and homework review, open forums and strategy games, electives, and event performances. Summer Tournaments and High School Conference (additionalContinue reading “The 2021 Sessions Schedule”

The Claremont Difference

• Learn from John Meany, Director of Forensics at Claremont McKenna CollegeFounder of the Middle School/High School Public Debate Program, Creator of the CHSSA Parliamentary Debate format, Sponsor of the first 3 intercollegiate championships in the British Parliamentary debate format, Author or co-author of 10 debate textbooks and a monograph series on professional communication, DirectorContinue reading “The Claremont Difference”

Academic Preparation

STUDENT ACADEMIC PREPARATION GUIDE  2021 Claremont Debate and Leadership Communication Institutes The CDLI is the most comprehensive, sophisticated, and innovative instructional program of its type. It is the only officially sanctioned summer program instruction for the Middle School Public Debate Program and High School Public Debate Program. The middle school debate institutes use the Middle School PublicContinue reading “Academic Preparation”