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Middle School Debate

For students entering 5th-8th grades in Fall 2021. Sessions are appropriate for new and experienced students. Training prepares students for Middle School Public Debate Program (MSPDP) format events. Only official program of the MSPDP. Program and summer institute certification for all staff. Comprehensive instruction in public speaking, speech organization and narrative structure, argumentation and refutation, note taking. Maximize skills in a format designed with best practices for adolescent education.

High School Debate

For students entering 9th-12th grades in Fall 2021. Sessions are appropriate for new and experienced students. Training in the High School Public Debate Program, developed to maximize student learning using rigorous oral communication. Basic and advanced theory and practice. Comprehensive training in public speaking and argumentation, topic-based research and advanced applied strategy and tactics, elective sessions and optional student-directed learning in open forum sessions. Elite training in advanced debate theory, counterplanning, critiquing,

Middle School Scholars

For students entering 5th-8th grades in Fall 2021. Modeled on the highly successful Debate Union initiatives for professional communication and the high school Civics in Action leadership program, the Scholars session prepares students for academic success. The program features age-appropriate, yet sophisticated, training in public speaking, argumentation, classroom discussion, multimedia presentation, (PowerPoint and Prezi) and student club and organization leadership.

High School Leadership

For students entering 9th-12th grades in Fall 2021. The summer program uses the same instructional methods, practice exercises, and curricular materials used by higher education institutions, non-profit and government organizations, and businesses. Students will use case studies, training simulations, and an academic conference to develop the skills to identify problems, propose technically achievable solutions, express vision, and motivate others. Ideal for students interested in club/organization leadership opportunities, internships and community service. Practice public speaking, interviewing, multimedia presentations, essay writing, and panel presentations.


Tournaments & Conference

Claremont Summer will host championship online summer debate tournaments for middle school and high school students. There is an academic conference planned for high school leadership students. Participation is free for supplemental tournaments and conference

Open Forum Sessions

The online summer program will continue the tradition of the late afternoon/evening open forum sessions. These optional sessions offer additional lecture and group instruction, as well as an opportunity for students to work one-on-one with staff. In addition, the institutes will offer online strategy board game play for interested students.